BCG Penbridge services are designed to help defined benefit plan sponsors evaluate plan maintenance efficiency and pension de-risking alternatives.

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Take Survey

BCG Penbridge conducts the only industrywide survey to capture all the costs associated with maintaining a U.S. corporate defined benefit plan. The survey process helps sponsors to identify the full range of plan expenses and to improve plan governance and efficiency.

DB Expense Survey
For any category in the Benchmarks Report where plan expenses appear relatively high, BCG Penbridge can provide sponsors an assessment of current market pricing for services in that category. This helps sponsors decide whether or not to pursue more efficient arrangements.
Vendor Price Discovery

DB Expense Benchmarks Reports allow plan sponsors to compare the expenses of their plans with those of other plans that participate in the BCG Penbridge DB Expense Survey. Benchmarks Reports can identify areas where plan sponsors may look for better cost efficiency in the operation of their plans.

Benchmarks Reports
PRT Assessment
A PRT Assessment provides plan sponsors with the information necessary to understand their plan’s risk transfer options, expected costs, anticipated impacts on HR, finance and investment strategy, expense savings, implementation considerations, and next steps. The assessment may include a customized underwriting analysis based on the plan’s specific provisions and census.

BCG Penbridge delivers pension risk transfer education workshops to senior executives, corporate officers and/or pension plan committee members who seek a fundamental overview of pension risk transfer.

Executive Education

For plan sponsors who have done a PRT Assessment and are seriously considering an annuity transaction, BCG Penbridge provides customized ongoing buyout price monitoring. It gives sponsors the ability to optimize plan funding, asset management and transaction timing.

Buyout Price Monitoring

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P-Solve is BCG Penbridge alliance partner for preparation and execution of lump sum programs and annuity buyouts.

Comprehensive Implementation Support

BCG Penbridge has developed an innovative structure that is significantly more cost effective than a traditional buyout, but that still allows plan sponsors to remove jumbo-sized DB pension liabilities from the plan sponsor’s balance sheet.

BCG Penbridge’s advisory services and proprietary data provide plan sponsors with what they need to know across all key facets of plan maintenance cost and risk transfer. The Penbridge PRT database is the only database covering the US PRT market.

BCG Penbridge’s independence, impartial analysis and extensive knowledge of defined benefit plans enables sponsors to make balanced, well-informed decisions.

Bridging the Governance Gap

Bridging the Innovation Gap

Bridging the Information Gap

Bridging the Pension Gap
BCG Penbridge bridges the pension gap in three ways:

Other Services

Annuity Buyout Data

BCG Penbridge licenses annuity buyout data to Asset Managers, Outsourced CIOs/Fiduciary Managers and other parties to help establish custom de-risking glide paths tailored to buyout pricing as well as goals-based governance and performance reporting programs.

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Fiduciary Support

BCG Penbridge supports plan fiduciaries seeking a group annuity contract to cover the retirement benefits of their DB plan participants in accordance with DOL Interpretive Bulletin 95-1.

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Partnering with BCG Penbridge

BCG Penbridge establishes strategic alliances and teaming agreements with select advisory firms to provide corporate sponsors of U.S. defined benefit pension plans with highly coordinated advice at every phase of plan maintenance, de-risking and pension risk transfer.

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We can assist plan fiduciaries in the evaluation, selection and monitoring of an independent fiduciary. Or we can provide plan fiduciaries a comprehensive assessment of insurer financial strength, structural design of contract offerings, and administrative capabilities, serving as an independent expert as outlined in DOL IB 95-1 to assist in selecting a “safest available annuity” provider.